如果是"模板:紅色的英文名稱",請直接點入新的一頁,把中文名稱打進去,並用兩層的方框[[ ]]給它框起來。
例如看到"模板:Guild Wars"就點入,並打進"[[激戰]]",請注意只有模板開頭的紅字才如此。


The 丹拉維聖地 was once a sacred meeting place for the 德魯依s of 梅古瑪. It fell into disuse after the druids mysteriously disappeared more than a decade ago. The only way to enter the Henge is to be granted access through the 丹拉維聖地傳送門, and only those who have already been to Denravi can find their way back.

Getting There編輯

The easiest way to get there is by completing the 歐若拉林地 主線任務, i.e. enter through the 丹拉維聖地傳送門.

Contrary to what the description above implies, one can also travel there from 凡特里避難所: -> 雙頭怪隱匿地 -> 乾燥高地 -> 糾結之根 -> 丹拉維聖地