如果是"模板:紅色的英文名稱",請直接點入新的一頁,把中文名稱打進去,並用兩層的方框[[ ]]給它框起來。
例如看到"模板:Guild Wars"就點入,並打進"[[激戰]]",請注意只有模板開頭的紅字才如此。

如要連結請用 Upgrade component

武器升級組件 編輯


武器升級組件s are magically enhanced weapon parts that improve the characteristics of the 武器 they are applied to.

Weapon upgrades can be 拆解 from a weapon and applied to an other weapon, as opposed to 武器組件, which can not be salvaged.

Note: Weapons that do not have any upgrades on them are often called "模板:Clean", while those with the maximum value for their upgrades are called "綠色物品".

A weapon can contain a maximum of 2 upgrades: one "prefix" and one "suffix", as explained below.

Prefix and Suffix Syntax編輯

A weapon has an upgrade on it if it has a prefix or suffix added to the weapon's name. For instance, if a "Fiery" hilt were applied to a Long Sword, it would be called a "Fiery Long Sword". If a pommel "of Defense" were then applied, it would be called a "Fiery Long Sword of Defense".

Prefix Weapon Suffix
劍柄 劍柄首
火焰 長劍 防衛


Weapon upgrades may be 拆解d from 武器s that contain them by using an 專業拆解工具 or 高級拆解工具. Salvage attempts are not always successful, sometimes the upgrade is destroyed and you receive only 材料 in return. If a weapon has two upgrades (a prefix and a suffix), the salvage attempt will only be able to recover one of them, determined randomly. Regardless of whether a salvage attempt works or not, the weapon will be destroyed in the process.

Prefixed and/or suffixed weapons obtained from 任務, 收藏家, or the PvP Character Creation process cannot be salvaged to get their upgrades.


Simply double-click the upgrade, and then click on a compatible weapon to equip it (you could not add a staff upgrade component to a hammer). A weapon can only have one prefix and one suffix upgrade. Applying a suffix upgrade to a weapon that already has a suffix upgrade will replace the old upgrade. You receive a warning before the old upgrade is destroyed.



手杖s, 聚能器s and s can not be upgraded. They may come with 武器組件s though.


Swords, Axes, Hammers and Bows編輯

The weapons used by 戰士s and 遊俠s, inflicting 物理傷害 per default, use the following prefix upgrades:

Name Prefix 斧柄 劍柄 弓弦 鎚柄 Effect
荊棘 x x x   使 流血 狀態在敵人身上的持續時間 延長 33%.
致殘 x x     使 殘癈 狀態在敵人身上的持續時間 延長 33%.
殘酷 x x   x 使 重傷 狀態在敵人身上的持續時間 延長 33%.
淬毒 x x x   使 中毒 狀態在敵人身上的持續時間 延長 33%.
沉重 x     x 使 虛弱 狀態在敵人身上的持續時間 延長 33%.
黑檀 x x x x Converts 物理傷害 to 土系傷害.
火焰 x x x x Converts 物理傷害 to 火焰傷害.
冰凍 x x x x Converts 物理傷害 to 冰凍傷害.
衝擊 x x x x Converts 物理傷害 to 閃電傷害.
狂怒 x x   x 攻擊命中時 怒氣 倍增 (發動機率: 2-10%).
分離 x x x x 防禦穿透 +10% (發動機率: 5-10%).
吸血鬼 x x x x 偷取生命: 1-3 life per hit (劍和斧)
偷取生命: 1-5 life per hit (鎚和弓),
體力再生: -1.
熱望 x x x x 能量 gain on hit: 1, 能量再生: -1.


法杖, used by 模板:Spellcasters, use the following prefix upgrades:

Name Prefix 杖頭 Effect
防衛 x +4-5 防禦.
健壯 x 體力 +10-30.
洞察 x +1-5 能量.


Suffix upgrades are common for physical damage weapons and staves:

Suffix 斧把手 弓柄 鎚把手 劍柄首 法杖把手 Effect
防衛 x x x x x 防禦 +4-5.
庇護 x x x x x 防禦 +4-7 (vs. 物理攻擊s).
保護 x x x x x 防禦 +4-7 (vs. 元素攻擊s).
附魔 x x x x x 加持魔法s last 10-20% longer.
堅忍 x x x x x 體力 +20-30.
of <屬性>**
(e.g. of 詛咒)
x x x x x +1 <屬性> (10-20% chance while using 技能s)
(e.g. +1 詛咒)*
of <模板:Species>slaying**
(e.g. of 夏爾slaying)
x x x x x Damage +10-20% (vs. <模板:Species>)
(e.g. vs. 夏爾)
Upgrade "of 不死系slaying" is named "模板:Of Deathbane"
Upgrade "of 植物slaying" is called "模板:Of Pruning".

*Weapon attributes upgrades always come with a weapon linked to the attribute, e.g. an upgrade "of 精通斧術" is always an 斧把手, never a 杖把手. For caster attributes, currently the following upgrades are confirmed to exist: Curses, Divine Favor, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Death Magic, and Healing Prayers. Upgrades for non-caster and non-weapon attributes are not available.

**Non-weapon attribute upgrades as well as all species slaying upgrades cannot be unlocked for PvP characters.