英文:Ancient Secrets



  1. 鹽灘瑟納森

Obtained from

范發泰 in 安奴綠洲




1000 經驗值




If you are doing this quest standalone, it may be best to begin from 伊洛那流域. Follow the wall on your left all the way round till you come to the portal to 鹽灘. Now just head right to a teleporter which will take you across the small valley to the quest objective. 瑟納森 is a materials crafter.

Tip if you do not feel like fiddling with the teleport switches, you can enter the small valley and exit via the ridge, that is just left of the teleport on the opposite side of the valley. The same ridge can be used to make a quick escape if you are overcome by Devourers or Jade Scarab.

An alternative if you do not have access to Elona Reach is to begin the quest from 探索者通道, going northeast and then east.

Tip This quest can be done nicely together with 遲來的訂婚, which is given by 蒂爾莎 in Seeker's Passage. The dual quest may then be started from Seeker's Passage. Go southeast until you go through a narrow channel, then round the wall to your left and up another narrow channel with wooden plank steps and platforms. You will reach the objective of A Belated Betrothal at the top of the channel beside the teleporter. Teleport, then continue in a northeasterly direction until you find Sennat Sen, the objective for Ancient Secrets.

You need to take it slowly. You will encounter Devourers, 翡翠聖甲蟲s, and a pretty large number of 風暴魔. The Storm Kin patrol in small groups but can move very quickly along their patrol routes, so it is easy to aggro more than you would like. So be careful to deal with these in as small numbers at a time as possible, and heal up and recharge between encounters.