英文:Seeking the Seer



  1. 冰腳奎格對話.
  2. 冷血的奧納樂對話.
  3. Speak with 模板:Blade Scout Shelby for your reward.

Obtained from





500 經驗值




This is a brief 任務, leading you a short distance from Droknar's Forge, through 碎石坡道 in a generally northeastern direction, to the cooperative mission outpost, the 悲傷冰谷.

The only difficult part of the quest is keeping the scouts alive. Once Korg the Scout is in mini-map range, a short distance from Droknar's Forge, he will be beset by a patrol of 石峰矮人. You may have to move quickly in order to save him. If he dies, you cannot move onto the second step of this quest and will have to reenter Talus Chute if you wish to try it again. One tactic could be to engage them first. Also, try bringing a human 僧侶 because 傭兵 will not heal Korg.

Following the new quest arrow after speaking to Korg, you will find Onar Ironblood on a bridge near a sizeable group of Stone Summit Gnashers. He is usually not being attacked by these 石峰矮人, so you can either bypass these enemies or take your time in killing them before speaking to Onar.

Finally, Blade Scout Shelby will be waiting for you in the Ice Caves of Sorrow to give you your quest reward.

Tip it seems the game stocks parts of the zone with a different set and/or level of mobs, depending on whether you have this quest. If you are planning to travel north of 卓克納熔爐, or 悲傷冰谷, you may find it easy going to leave this quest uncompleted until later.