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Dreadnought's Drift is an 探索區域 that lies near the midway point between the 北席娃山脈 and the 南席娃山脈. Though it is relatively small, groups fighting through here will not find it easy. Huge mobs and surprising spawns make this one of the hardest areas of the game.

Note: This area is the second area passed through on the 模板:Droknar Run.

Exits / Neighbour Areas編輯



  • 石峰矮人: They make up a majority of the enemies in the area, and are concentrated into two large groups near the southern and northern branches of the pass . There is also a group of 7-8 石峰屠殺者s on the western path, as well as a group of 7-8 石峰斥候s in the northwestern part of the area. Small, clustered groups can be found in the southereastern valley.
  • 冰原巨人s: Large groups can be found near the southwestern exit and in the southeastern corner.
  • 神聖的獅鷲獸 There is a large group in a little enclave prior to the southwestern exit.
  • 湛藍幻影: Uniquely in this area, they will pop out after the stationary groups of Stone Summit (in the eastern part of the area) are killed off.

Bosses and Elite Skills編輯



There are two unique (and unlocked) chests in this area.

  • Frozen Chest: Found in the southeastern part of the area, near the statue of 模板:Dwayna.
  • Lost Strongbox: Found near the furnace at the northern end of the western valley.


There is a 五真神神像 of 模板:Dwayna in the southwestern part of the area. The 模板:Avatar of this statue offers the usual 五真神神像.