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Description 編輯

Mineral Springs is an 探索區域 In the heart of the 席娃山脈. It is very different from most other places in the Shiverpeaks as the snow is mixed with a yellowish hue and causes a strong glare. The springs themselves are found on the northern route in the center of the area.

While there is no outlet to any other zone, there are bosses for each profession here which make it a prime spot for capturing 精英 skills. 灌注魔力 can be done here by slaying the 冰獸 (see below).

The cave at the north-eastern end of this area is the only known place where the 冰凍巨龍之劍 can be found.

Note: There is a 復活祭壇 in the southeastern part of this area.

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Monsters 編輯

  • 阿畢卡拉: Through out most of the area. The southwestern portion of the area has 阿畢卡拉天狗射手 and 阿畢卡拉天狗戰士 groups. There are also several large groups of Avicara Fierce in this area that can be particularly lethal to spell-casters if not taken down quickly. The Central area has many balanced groups of Avicara that feature the majority of the bosses in the area.
  • 冰原巨人: In the southeastern region near the resurrection shrine and a shallow cave in the mountain wall.
  • 冰小惡魔: The cave in the northeastern edge of the area is packed with 2 to 3 mobs of 冰小惡魔, numbering 6 per group.
  • 松木怪: In the south east near the Tundra Giants.
  • 湛藍幻影: just outside the Ice Imp cave, surrounding the Ice Beast.
  • 模板:Frost Wurm: At the entrance to the shallow cave in the south east.

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Statues 編輯

There is a 五真神神像 of 麗莎 in the northeastern corner in a cave swarming with Ice Imps. The 模板:Avatar at this statue offers the usual 五真神神像.