如果是"模板:紅色的英文名稱",請直接點入新的一頁,把中文名稱打進去,並用兩層的方框[[ ]]給它框起來。
例如看到"模板:Guild Wars"就點入,並打進"[[激戰]]",請注意只有模板開頭的紅字才如此。

10-The Wilds



The 梅古瑪叢林 is perhaps the most dangerous place on the continent of Tyria. The 科瑞塔ns don't often venture inside its borders, and those who do are seldom heard from again. Stories of man-eating 植物s and gigantic 模板:Scarab are commonly told around the campfires and inside the huts of the local villages; most of the time to scare little children from wandering into its clinging vines.

Getting There編輯

荒原 of the 梅古瑪叢林 are treacherous indeed. The path to The Wilds from 德魯伊高地 can be hard due to the spawning of 梅古瑪蜘蛛s and 苔聖甲蟲s en masse.




Mission Objectives 編輯

Hunt down the 光刃公會 Kidnappers, and rescue the 模板:Chosen they have taken hostage.

  • Chase the fleeing Shining Blade.
  • Rescue the 模板:Chosen.
  • Discover how the Shining Blade navigates the jungle.
  • BONUS Defeat the two 半人馬 chieftains.

Primary 編輯

Follow the path in order to chase the 模板:Shining Blade Scouts and rescue the Chosen. Some places along the path are occupied by 模板:Entangling Roots, which will block the way. Kill the Entangling Roots to remove the plant wall blocking the way. After the first cut-scene, a large number of 半人馬s will come at you, so try to deal with one 怪 at a time (A on the map). After the second cut-scene, kill the 蜘蛛s to save the chosen and complete the mission.

Bonus 編輯

Early on in this mission you will reach a crossroads. As well as the path back the way you came and the path forwards, there are paths to the left and right. These paths actually form a loop that goes under the path forwards. Go around the loop and watch out for a path leading off from it. At the end of that path you will see two centaurs (1 on the map). This is the most difficult part of the bonus - do not attack them. Walk forwards slowly until they start talking and then wait until their conversation is finished. Then attack them. They will drop a Vine seed. Take it with you and continue with your quest. Tip: if a party member should 吸引 the two centaurs, the bonus has not be spoiled as long is neither centaurs are killed, simply direct your party to run out of aggro range. The centaurs should continue talking.

Return to the crossroads and continue down the center path.

Further on in the mission, you will get to a cutscene where you see the person you're chasing running and a large number of centaurs rushing towards you. Kill them, and then head up the path the centaurs ran down (northwards and eastwards). You will find a glowing circle where you can plant your seed to create a bridge (2 on the map). Then you will need to kill quite a number of centaurs and centaur bosses, including the two centaur bosses whose deaths complete the bonus mission (3 on the map).

Skill Capture 編輯

頭目 編輯

Additional Notes編輯

The players will be in 血石沼澤 at the completion of this mission.