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Overview 編輯

蛇舞 is a long winding valley that runs north to south connecting the Northern and Southern parts of the 席娃山脈. This is probably the largest 探索區域 in the game right now. In addition, it is one of the most treacherous and most rewarding. Monsters here are typically level 24 and some of the best elite skills in the game are found here, second only to 破滅石, and perhaps the 莫拉登礦山 mission.

Making it through the long and treacherous Snake Dance is part of the famous 模板:Droknar Run.

Connected Zones 編輯

Bestiary 編輯

Note: While exploring, players will come across a few friendly patrols of 7 or 8 戴爾狄摩矮人. It is unclear what purpose they serve at the moment. They would have been a great help against the legions of monsters in this area if they were not so weak at level 10.

Yard Trash 編輯

The area is peppered with a different assortment of monsters typical to the 南席娃山脈:

  • There are 山巨魔s in two very large groups, one at the bottleneck in south and one near the troll cave in the north. Both groups contain mobile elements and can move fast.
  • 湛藍幻影s are peppered all over valley, usually hidden near other monsters. The combination of surprise and 擊倒s can be lethal to the unprepared.
  • 冰原巨人s frequent the northern part of the valley, especially around and past a resurrection shrine (marked with R on the map).
  • There are different patrols of 石峰矮人 in the southern half of the valley.
  • 神聖的獅鷲獸s gather in groups of 3 or 4 through out the area.

Bosses 編輯

This is a list of bosses and 精英技能s they offer for 捕捉紋章. For more information on any boss or skill click on their respective name:

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