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11-Bloodstone Fen



The floor of the jungle is damp and uninviting to anyone but thirsty beasts. In one particularly deep chasm lies the remnants of a powerful 血石, said to be a relic from the time when the 泰瑞亞真神 walked on Tyria. Not even the voracious vegitation of the 梅古瑪 will grow upon its surface.



Mission Objectives 編輯

Seek the truth about the 白斗篷.

  • Locate Blade Scout Ryder. He'll take you to the 血石.
  • Use the vine bridges to traverse the jungle.
  • ADDED Travel on to the Bloodstone on your own.
  • BONUS Awaken the 德魯依s while preserving their guardians.

Primary 編輯

To locate 光刃公會斥候萊德, follow the path until you get to point A on the map. Do the bonus as described below if you want to. Now pick up three 藤蔓種子s at point A. (Sometimes only one or two seeds spawn; more seeds can be found at point 2 on the map, if doing the bonus mission, and southwest of the second point B on the map.) Use the seeds at the locations marked B on the map to create bridges that enable you to traverse the jungle. After crossing the first bridge, talk to Blade Scout Ryder, who will send you on your own to defeat the 白斗篷. In order to complete the mission, you need to defeat a large group of White Mantle and their boss 判官哈布里恩.

There is an alternative path that will take you to the Bloodstone, bypassing Blade Scout Ryder and using only three seeds. The mission can still be completed.

Note that while fighting near the 血石 you will be under influence of the 區域效果 血石的詛咒, which makes resurrection skills take 4 times as long to cast.

Bonus 編輯

Do the mission as normal until you reach the seeds (A on the map). Grab one and go back the way you came. After a short distance, to the south of the path, in the gray, swamplike area, you should notice a path leading up to a gray platform with a blue rune on it. Drop one of the seeds on the platform (1 on the map).

A 德魯依 will appear and ask for your aid in awakening the 模板:Elder Druid. You will need to free three more druids by dropping seeds on their platforms. You get the seeds from position 2 on the map and drop them at the destinations marked 3 on the map. These druids and the original will then move up to a large platform and awaken the Great Druid. However, while doing this you will be attacked by 模板:Jungle Guardians. These large tree-creatures throw boulders at you. What's more, the druids don't want you to attack them. Luckily, they don't follow you much. Once the Elder Druid is summoned, speak to him; the guardians become non-hostile and you complete the bonus.

You do not have to go all the way back to the main path, but can instead continue north past the guardians to get back to the main mission.

There is a minor bug with this quest. The first druid has a tendency to get stuck on the first pair of guardians. It is often necessary to get them to move out of the way by enticing them forwards to attack you.

Warning: Killing any of the guardians will cause the Bonus to fail (unless, of course, you just completed it and want to take revenge upon the now-neutral guardians). The first guardian you kill will spawn five 模板:Ravagers and will cause any remaining druids not to be awakened. Instead, if you drop a vine seed on a platform, a pair of Ravagers will emerge. They have good drops, though.

While this mission is fairly easy to solo, the henchmen tend to jeopardize the bonus by attacking the guardians. Try to run past the guardians as fast as you can. If you see them stomping one of the guardians, call a healthy target far away and then cancel the attack by staying away.

Skill Capture編輯


Additional Notes編輯

The players will be in 怨言瀑布 at the completion of this mission.

There are unconfirmed reports of a 模板:Ravager dropping the rare item 心靈之玉 here.