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08-D'Alessio Seaboard



Once called the Eastbury Reserve, this stretch of coastal land was renamed after the last 模板:The Guild Wars. It's namesake, 模板:Saul D'Alessio, was the founder of the 白斗篷 and is thought by many to be the savior of 科瑞塔.



Mission Objectives 編輯

Lend aid to the 白斗篷 in their fight against the 不死系.

Primary 編輯

Follow the path to the town and defeat the 不死系 in the town. You will earn a 2% morale bonus for each villager saved. After defeating the undead in the village, make your way to the Temple of Tolerance (Point A on the map). At the temple, defend 大主教多利安 from the undead hordes. The undead will attack from each side of the temple, one group at a time. After defending Confessor Dorian, go and talk to Dinas to complete the mission (Point B on the map).

NOTE: Confessor Dorian usually sends you to Dinas before all the undead have attacked. All remaining undead in the vicinity of the temple should be dealt with before finding Dinas. Otherwise, they may kill Confessor Dorian before you can complete the mission, which will cause you to fail the mission.

Bonus 編輯

In order to receive the bonus, you must save 模板:Benji Makala in the village of 模板:Hakewood. As you enter the town, do not follow the path straight ahead to Benji. Take the first left and start with that section of the town. Kill the packs of undead starting from there and work your way up to Benji (Point 1 on the map). Benji may be under attack, but he will be locked in a stalemate and will continue to heal himself (as long as the only thing attacking him is the boss, which should be the case). If you save Benji first, he runs down into a swarm of undead and usually gets himself killed.

After saving Benji, exit from the right-most gate in the village (not the left gate which is closer to the fountain). Gate Guard Makala will thank you for saving his brother and let you through the gate (Point 2 on the map). Follow the path and you will get to a gate that leads to where Confessor Dorian is beseiged. Before opening that gate, head down the path a little more and you will find the urn (Point 3 on the map).

NOTE: Do not drop the urn. If the player carrying the urn drops it for any reason, the urn shatters and will respawn at the pedestal where you first picked it up. Your urn-carrier will then have to backtrack all the way there to retrieve it again. Because of this, you may want to have a spell-caster carry the urn, so that the urn-carrier can still use their offensive skills while carrying. To make matters worse, enemies tend to prioritize the urn-carrier as a target during battles.

Alternatively, you may choose to not take the urn with you when you defend Confessor Dorian, but rather send one person back to pick it up after the battle at the Shrine of Mending. This avoids the problem of having the enemies target your urn-carrier.

Now, go through the gate. At this point, defend Confessor Dorian as normal. After you finish defending him, instead of going directly to Dinas take a side path that goes to the right. You will see some 流浪雙頭巨人s. Kill these and the tree monsters on the way to the urn's resting place. Place the urn on its resting place and you will have completed the bonus (Point 4 on the map).

Skill Capture編輯


Additional Notes編輯

The players will be in 神聖海岸 at the completion of this mission.